Itzell GomezLicensed Professional Counselor Intern
    Itzell is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern currently practicing at Life Renovations under the supervision of Tracy Fleet, MMFT, LPC-S. She is fluent in Spanish and can provide bilingual counseling services, and is currently Abilene’s only bilingual therapist.   Her educational background includes a M.S. in Counseling Psychology from Abilene Christian University, and she has a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Spanish from Abilene Christian University as well. She believes there is no single approach that is the right one to treat each client in all situations. Counseling techniques should be accommodated to each person’s individual personality, needs, and circumstances. She has been trained in a range of therapeutic approaches, and therefore, uses an eclectic approach in which she incorporates a variety of principles and techniques in order to create the best treatment program to best suit clients’ individual needs.   

    No existe un método especíoco que sea el correcto para tratar a cada cliente en todas las situaciones. Las técnicas de terapia deben ser adaptadas a la personalidad, las necesidades y las circunstancias individuales de cada persona. He sido entrenada en una variedad de enfoques terapéuticos, por lo tanto, utilizo un enfoque ecléctico, lo que signi0ca que incorporo una mezcla de terapias para crear el programa de tratamiento ideal, que mejor se adapte a las necesidades individuales de mis clientes.